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An Embodiment of Grace and Elegance

I'm absolutely delighted to welcome you here!


As a passionate, driven, and adventurous woman, I am excited about the opportunity to share thrilling experiences with a select group of individuals I choose to connect with. I find great joy in engaging in deep, stimulating conversations, mixing moments of silliness with seriousness, and always infusing a playful spirit into everything I do.


My reputation is built on being warmhearted, trustworthy, and authentic, with a naturally bubbly personality that radiates positivity. While I appreciate living in the present moment, I also hold dear the memories we create together, reminiscing about our shared past experiences. Gazing towards the future, there is nothing more thrilling to me than mapping out our upcoming escapades.

Those who get to know me quickly realize that I am constantly on the move, never one to sit still. Friends often describe me as motivating and enthusiastic, thanks to my witty sense of humor and sarcastic charm that never fail to bring a smile to their faces.


If you are drawn to ladies who embody sophistication alongside a vibrant and engaging nature, then I am the ideal companion for you.

Are you interested in forging a deeper connection with me? Would you like to explore new adventures and create fresh experiences together?


Follow my booking guidelines, and I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you soon! Let's embark on this journey together, where every moment is filled with excitement and promise.


For my safety and tranquility, if you wish to arrange a meeting with me, it is necessary for you to furnish the information that is important to me.


It is essential to prioritize safety and security in any kind of meeting or appointment. Therefore, by providing the requested information, we can both feel more at ease and confident in our interactions.


Remember, mutual respect and understanding are key factors in establishing a positive and harmonious connection. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.


In order to establish trust and ensure transparency in our communication, ONE of the following requirements applies and must be met before securing our date:

  • Employment information (LinkedIn link + email directly from your work domain). You should hold a senior position at your company, as well as your company should be well known. I can provide another unpublished email where to send it.

  • If you're self employed, kindly provide a copy of your ID and selfie with you holding your ID.

  • 3 recent references (within a year) from the independent reputable providers. I do NOT accept agency references. Please include a link to their personal website along with their email address. My definition of a reputable provider is someone classy with existing personal website, active social media and ads on reputable platforms.

20% deposit of the total booking time in the form of the discrete electronic payment is required for all dates (details to be provided).


Describe your physical characteristics.

Age: early 30s, height: 5'4", weight: 115 lb, size: S, figure measurements: 32C-24-35, shoe size: 39.


Do you require a deposit?


I require a 20% deposit of the total booking time for ALL DATES. NO EXCEPTIONS! This is done to avoid a last minute cancellation or no-show appointments. All deposits are non-refundable. Deposits will be returned to you only in the case when the date is cancelled by me. 

How to properly reconfirm the date?


All appointments must be reconfirmed 2 days prior. This means, an additional email should be exchanged to reconfirm the date. Otherwise, the date might be cancelled due to a lack of communication and deposit will NOT be returned to you.​​​

Can I cancel our date?

Yes, but keep in mind, cancelling a date with 48 hours notice will result in a fee of half the donation for the total booking time. Cancelling a date with less than 24 hours notice will result in a fee of the entire donation (total booking time). Additionally, deposits are non-refundable. The only way to re-utilize your deposit is to reschedule our date. However, the 48/24 hours rule would still apply, if you weren't given me a proper notice. 


Do you offer discounts?

No. Any attempts to negotiate my rates will result in blocking!

Do you have a phone number I can reach you at?


Email is the only communication channel to schedule a date with me. I do not utilize my phone for bookings. If I feel comfortable, I will give you my phone number after our initial meeting. However, do not expect this communication will provide you a faster way to get in touch with me. I'm not a full time companion, so I don't have access to my communication resources 24/7. Although, I try to respond right away, expect to receive my response within 24 hours.

What are your thoughts on using phones during the date?


During our times together, I give you my undivided attention. In my opinion, using a phone during meetings is disrespectful and gives the impression that something more important has your interest. Therefore, for dates up to 4 hours, I do NOT allow myself to use my phone to make any personal phone calls or to text. It can be used only for emergency reasons. I expect the same from you.

However, it's very different when we are on an extended date (overnights, trips, etc.). Since, we all have responsibilities outside of the companionship world, I think it's fair for both parties to have freedom and opportunity to use their phone to make any personal calls/texts when necessary. To make sure it's not excessive, I require up to 2 hours per day for my private time.


What are your general overnight and sleep requirements?

Overnights are my favorite, most preferable and will be prioritized. This option usually covers up to 12 hours and should start not earlier than 6pm. If you are looking to meet earlier, please consider a 12 hours daytime date or a 24 hours option. All overnight dates require at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep. If you plan to be awake all night, I'm not the right match for you.

Do you entertain the outfit requests?


I DO NOT ENTERTAIN THE OUTFIT REQUESTS OF ANY KIND. If you don't trust my judgement on what I should wear on our date, then you probably didn't make the right decision from the beginning and I'm not the right woman for you. However, I love gentlemen who are generous and enjoy shopping for the woman of their night. I'm happy to model and wear the outfits that you selected for me and brought with you. Or we can go shopping together!

Can you fly to my city?

Yes. I rather be a low volume companion for selected men only. Therefore, I prefer longer appointments, such as dinner, Fly-Me-To-You (FMTY), or overnights. FMTYs are available for dates that are minimum 4 hours long + $700 (to cover transportation expenses).


What's included in a weekly or a monthly rate?

The rates for a week and a month are ideal for those who are assessing their option for an arrangement or planning an extended trip with me. The thought of traveling as nomads for a whole month, exploring different corners of the world, truly excites me. It could be one of the most unforgettable experiences we ever have. However, it's important to note that while I enjoy affection and cuddling, I do need some personal space to recharge during longer dates. For a week-long date, I would appreciate having at least one night of uninterrupted sleep for 8 hours in a separate room. For a month-long date, I would need at least 5 nights in a separate room. Additionally, for all extended dates lasting 2 days or more, I would require a separate bathroom and 2 hours per day for personal time. I believe that, considering our commitments outside of this adventure, this alone time would help us stay on track with our responsibilities.



Do you provide monthly arrangements?


This option is for existing lovers only. This is non-exclusive arrangement between you and me. We can discuss the details in person. 3 months minimum is required. Payments must be made on the 1st of each month. If you decide to end the arrangement early, you must give me a 2 weeks notice and pay the difference as indicated in the package. I have the right to cancel the arrangement at the end of each month. Unlimited texting implies that if I don't respond immediately, I will try to respond within 3 hours (due to the fact that I have other commitments in my life).


The rates are for my time and companionship only.

Booking requires a minimum of 2 hours. In case you have to depart before the 2 hour mark, the charge for the full 2 hours will still be applicable.

Appointments that are 4 hours or longer should include social time.
I believe a romantic restaurant with great ambiance, food, and drinks provides an amazing opportunity to get to know each other better and get comfortable.

My rates are FINAL and NON-NEGOTIABLE! Be generous and I will do the same :) 


1 month - $12,000 (with 3 months of commitment)



- 3 dinner dates (up to 4 hours each) and 1 overnight (up to 12 hours) OR 1 dinner date (up to 5 hours) and 2 overnights (up to 12 hours each)

- Unlimited Texting

- 3 months commitment from a gentleman

- If a gentleman decides to end an arrangement earlier, $3,000 is added to each month used

- Monthly payment must be made on the 1st of each month


Venturing and discovering diverse cultures and perspectives is my passion. My timetable is consistently evolving, often impacted by the duration of appointments. Consequently, the cities mentioned below are liable to alteration, unless bound by a previous engagement.


Boston: July 22

NYC: 23-24

Philly: July 25

Raleigh: July 26

Charlotte: July 27

Denver: July 29

Unavailable: July 30-31


Montana: August 1

Seattle: August 2

Honolulu: August 3-5

LA: August 6

SF: August 7

Phoenix/Scottsdale: August 8

Albuquerque: August 9

Denver: August 10

Anchorage: August 11-13

Portland: August 14

Unavailable: August 15-18

Lexington: August 19

Columbus: August 20

Knoxville: August 21

DC: August 22

Boston: August 23

Chicago: August 24


Seattle: September 1-2

Unavailable: September 8-10

SLC: September 15-17

Denver: September 18

Boston: July 22

NYC: 23-24

DC: September 25

Raleigh: September 26

Charlotte: September 27


Preferred Date and Time
Appointment Duration
Where did you find me first?


2 hours - $1,700 (minimum to book)
3 hours - $2,400
4 hours - $3,200
5 hours - $4,000

6 hours - $4,500
Up to 12 hours (overnight); must start not earlier than 6pm - $6,000
Up to 12 hours (during the day) - $6,500
Up to 24 hours (1 full day) - $7,000
2 days (up to 48 hours) - $12,000
3 days (up to 72 hours) - $17,000
4 days (up to 96 hours) - $20,000

5 days (up to 120 hours) - $23,000

1 full week - $30,000 (read more)

1 full month - $100,000 (read more)

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